”My partner has for a long time been talking warmly about the unschooling path and expressed his wish, that we would unschool our daughter. I’ve mostly been sceptical, since I had an deeply joyful, safe and meaningful experience with school when I was I child, going to a freeschool in Denmark with many of the unschooling principals. And I guess since I was also brought up with the big idea in our part of the world that “education is nessecary and a big privilege”. Attending Rebecka’s workshop My Child and Me made the tipping point for me. Can’t say exactly what it was, but her warm presence, clear communication and huge knowledge on what it takes for a child to REALLY thrive in the world as a creative, free and independent human being gave me an experience where I could feel the truth of the free learning apporoach in my body and not only relate to it on a mental level, as when my partner have been talking about it over the past few years.
I would recommend everyone who has the slightest couriosity about unschooling/ free learning or maybe even feel provoked or sceptical about it, to spend time with Rebecka in one of her workshops.”

Camille Alsted

”I really loved Rebecka’s presence AND message, and feel so inspired by her workshop My Child and Me I attended this summer at Ängsbacka. If you have a chance to take her workshops, I highly recommend it!”

Anna Sarito Israelsson

”Thank you Rebecka, for the best workshop ever! I wish of all my heart that ALL grown-ups that deal with children could take this workshop!”

Anna-Lena Utterström

”Theory and practice in a lovely co-creation. Reflections on my parenting and how my baggage affects it. Wonderful communion. I feel strengthened in my conviction that the children KNOW, that they have come programmed with new information. What we need to do as parents, is unpack our baggage, let go of the breakes and co-create with our children. Rebecka guided as softly and carefully from the outside towards our inside and then out again. She’s a true inspiration, grounded and happy with so much wisdom and experience. I would recommend any parent to take her workshops”

Malin Hammarberg

”I’m so grateful for this workshop! It’s been amazing to get so much space for reflection and discussion. I’ve become really clear of what I perceive as success for my daughter, and how that success is reached through free play and my creating the best context for my child’s learning. Through her committment and experience, Rebecka shows true talent in inspiring and guiding the group through the process, at the same time as she manages to create a safe space where the collective wisdom of the group could be expressed. I feel that the workshop has strengthened me as a parent, and at the same time I am taking with me some really concrete and practical tools that will help my child and me flow better.”

Jennie Elevall

”After the workshop I felt inspired and strengthened as a parent. I got to set a clear direction for my parenthood: a dream of a home where we trust our children and their capacities where their interests, curiosity and reflectiosn guide us, and where we as parents can follow without directing them. A clear mantra that I took with me, was: I am my childrens’ context: what do I want that to look like?”

Helen Källman