About the workshop leader

FB_IMG_1543536151759Rebecka Koritz was born and raised in Sweden where she trained and worked as a teacher. Since 2003 she lives in Mexico where she’s been working as a catalyst for change by hacking the conventional school system from the outside. In 2008 she founded her first alternative school, then in 2012 her second, and in 2016 she founded Explora, the Agile Learning Center that she’s currently running.

Working with children, families and teachers in Mexico for over 15 years, has made her see the effects that the conventional school system has on young human beings. It minimizes their capacity to take initiative and solve problems, and strips them of their creativity. Abilities that are absolutely vital in order to manage and succeed in this ever-changing world.

Rebecka believes that, in order to empower children, we first need to empower the adults. Seeing parents transform and begin to support their children’s self-development in partnership with their children, is proof to her that her work produces real results.

IMG-20190218-WA0001Rebecka is passionate about self-directed education and peaceful parenting. She has an extensive and unique path within alternative education: as an ex-student in the Montessori system, co-founder of two Waldorf initiatives, and the founder of Explora, Mexico´s first Agile Learning Center. Rebecka dedicates her time to running her ALC, coaching other ALCs, giving workshops (both online and IRL) and creating articles and videos in Spanish and Swedisg in order to support families in Latin America and Sweden who are embracing self-directed education. At the same time she accompanies her teenage son on his journey in the world of self-directed education. Rebecka loves empowering other human beings to experience and create freedom in their own lives.

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